Residential As Built Floor Plans

Ensure a Successful Renovation with Measured Floor Plans for Your Client’s House, Apartment, or Condo

An accurate set of floor plans is at the foundation of any successful renovation.

In a perfect world, this would mean using the construction drawings of the dwelling you’ve been contracted to work on, but it’s not that easy.

Unfortunately, the way a home was designed and the way it was built don’t always match up, which can result in costly differences when it comes time to design the space and complete the renovation.

The solution? UNIQ Dimensions' residential as built floor plans.

Using advanced laser technology, we can quickly obtain the specifications of a dwelling the way it was built, providing 100% accurate floor plans that make designing easier, accelerate the process and equip your renovation team with the detailed information they need.

Whether you’re working on a high rise residential building, low rise residential building, townhouse or detached home, UNIQ Dimensions is here to provide you with the floor plans your team needs.

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Who Are Our Residential As Built Floor Plans For?

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Interior Designers

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Our Residential As Built Floor Plan Process

We undertake the following process to ensure efficient, cost-effective, and accurate delivery of your as built floor plans.

Step One


The familiarization with a given project includes inquiring about building density, design, and accessibility to allow for the estimation of time for completion and cost of the required drafting services.

Step Two

Site Visit

Our team will complete our building measuring services during our site visit. Measurements are primarily taken from the inside and complemented with outside measurements. Full access must be given to ensure the completion of accurate floor plans

Step Three


Our drafting services are completed after the site visit. Any labels, detailing, and other special requests are added. Any industry standards will be applied if necessary. Lastly, AutoCad and BIM files are finalized.

Step Four


All technical and electronic documents defined in the project's scope of work are reviewed. The finalization of all requested documents is completed and provided to the client in their desired format.

Our Residential As Built Floor Plan Services

Standard Services

Our standard services including the following.

CAD/BIM Drawings

Dimensionally accurate Revit, AutoCAD or other digital file types.

PDF Files

High-resolution, black & white floor plans for everyday viewing, sharing and printing.

360 Degree Video

High-quality, 360 degree videos for easy reference.

Add-On Services

You may add any of the following services to your standard as built floor plan package.

  • Exterior Detailed Elevations
  • Reflected Ceiling Plans
  • Converting PDF/Paper Copies to CAD/BIM Files
  • Electrical/HVAC Plans
  • Equipment & Furniture Layout Plans
  • Fire Safety & Evacuation Plans
  • Site Plans
  • Roof Plans

Why Choose UNIQ Dimensions?

Advanced Technology

Service delivery is only as good as the technology used for the project. UNIQ Dimensions uses advanced laser technology and the latest supported software to record and measure all actual layout variations, ensuring the delivery of fast and accurate results.

Quality Focused

Our small size allows us to be heavily involved in every aspect of your project. Together, we work as one dedicated team, giving your project the attention and commitment it deserves.

Responsive Communication

We know how important timelines are. The last thing we want to do is delay your building process. As such, a pillar of our success is maintaining open and responsive communication channels with our clients.

A UNIQ Approach

We invest in our people and our customers to ensure a best-in-class customer experience. In this way, we hope to be UNIQ, providing a pleasant and memorable process that stands out from the rest.

Hear From Our Clients

We have worked with UNIQ Dimensions on several single family residential projects. Luis and his team rise to the occasion every time. UNIQ Dimensions is fast and responsive. They have repeated delivered accurate drawings and photographic documentation that form the basis of our design work.
Hear From Our Clients

I’ve always loved the creative part of the design process. Unfortunately, I used to hate measuring projects, sometimes it would really delay onboarding a new client. After one measure with Luis and his team I realized that this would be the game changer to the business. It’s so much easier for myself and I can rely on his work 100% while focusing on what I’m good at.
Hear From Our Clients

UNIQ Dimensions has taken the burden out of site documentation and creation of as-found drawings. Their professional, efficient and reliable service with accurate deliverables has saved us a lot of time with the added bonus of the 3D-virtual walk-through that allows us to “visit” the site anytime!
Hear From Our Clients

As an interior designer, the services UNIQ dimensions offer are invaluable. They have truly fantastic customer service, always replying to my quote requests within 24hrs, and once they're hired to do the work they have a very fast turnaround time, keeping me updated along the way on their progress. I couldn't recommend Luis and his team more, they're efficient, friendly, always on time and an all around pleasure to work with!
Hear From Our Clients

Luis was very professional, detailed and thorough with his work on a large home that I had listed for sale. My clients were really pleased with the results and it reflected very professionally on me. I would recommend UNIQ dimensions to anyone looking for high quality floor plans.
Hear From Our Clients

Luis is very professional and does a great job. The accuracy of the drawings and the information gathered by him are very well done and the most important part is that he has been a great team player in all the projects that we have worked together.
Hear From Our Clients

Luis is an invaluable member of the project team, his promptness and attention to detail allows for projects to get underway quickly, while ensuring a high level of accuracy for an assortment of building types. Luis delivers his projects on-time, in a multitude of file formats, which are suitable for as-built records, real estate transactions, design & construction, to name a few. We rely upon Luis to provide us with reliable base plans at the outset of each project, in order to ensure that existing building conditions are accurately depicted and represented, to avoid the possibility of future concerns or delays.

Sample Work

The following are samples of our residential as built floor plans.

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