Building Area Analysis


If it's there, it's measured.

At UNIQ, we understand how important accurate measurements are for any real estate transaction. Having accurate data for your property ensures that you maximize every inch of space which ultimately leads to more profits. Even the slightest discrepancy in a floor plan can lead to buyers and tenants walking away from the deal. Our Area Analysis service eliminates all the confusion and provides you with the latest, most precise floor plan for your property. Some of our services include:

  • A full detailed square footage plan using CAD Drawings
  • Accurate and reliable floor plans
  • Usable square footage calculations
  • A lease plan for any surveyed building

Find out how you can maximize your space for your next project.

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Our Building Area Analysis Service Includes

UNIQ PDF floor plans

PDF Floor Plans

High-resolution, black & white PDF floor plans for everyday viewing, sharing and printing.

UNIQ Area Analysis Charts

Area Analysis Charts

Area Analysis documentation including area charts and corresponding schematics.

UNIQ Project Photos

360 Degree Videos

High-quality, 360 degree videos for easy reference.

Example: PDF Floor Plans

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