3D Scanning

3D Scan to BIM and 3D Scan to CAD Services

We quickly, thoroughly, and accurately collect large amounts of on-site data in the most cost-efficient manner for all types of properties and the existing infrastructures within.

Our 3D laser scanners are superior to traditional methods and use LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) to measure and record locations and distances to the utmost precision. Using our 3D laser scanning, our trained team can precisely and truthfully map out and represent any building or structure down to mm accuracy, ultimately producing extremely accurate point cloud files.

UNIQ 3D scanning image
UNIQ image of an architectural building

Scan to BIM or Scan to CAD significantly reduces errors in the design and planning stages of the renovation, remodeling, and repurposing of any property.

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Our 3D Scanning Service Includes

CAD/BIM Drawings

Point Cloud File

LAS, XYZ, RCS, RCP, E57 or other Point Cloud file type.

Project Photos

360 Degree Video

High-quality, 360 degree videos for easy reference.

Our Industries

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Houses, Apartments and Condominiums

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Warehouses, Distribution Centres and Factories

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Restaurants, Retail Stores and Office Spaces

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Heritage Properties, Lofts and Converted Buildings

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Point Cloud Scanner Examples

Our 3D scanning lasers gather vast amounts of point cloud data, allowing us to provide point cloud files for those of you that want to visualize and convey new concepts.

3D Scan to BIM Examples

Our 3D laser scan data can also be converted into BIM models, allowing you to optimize the entire process of renovation, remodelling, and repurposing by significantly reducing errors in the initial planning and design stages.

3D Scan to CAD Examples

Finally, our 3D laser scanning data can also be delivered as CAD drawings in a very timely manner.

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