3D Scanning

We quickly, thoroughly, and accurately collect large amounts of data in the most cost-efficient manner for all types of properties and the existing infrastructures within.

Using our 3D laser scanners, we can precisely and truthfully map out and represent any building or structure down to mm accuracy. Our 3D laser scanners use LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) to measure and record locations and distances to the utmost precision, ultimately producing a point cloud file.

an illustration of a LiDAR 3D scanner used to scan building.

Scan-To-BIM or Scan-To-CAD significantly reduces errors in the design and planning stages of the renovation, remodeling, and repurposing of any property.

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This Service Includes

CAD/BIM DrawingsDimensionally accurate Revit, AutoCAD or other as-built floor plans for design and construction.

PDF Floor PlansHigh-resolution, black & white floor plans for everyday viewing, sharing and printing.

Area Analysis ChartsArea Analysis documentation including area charts and corresponding schematics.

Project Photos
High quality JPEG photographs for easy reference.

Point Cloud Examples

Scan to BIM Examples

Scan to CAD Examples