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UNIQ Dimensions provides essential drafting services to Ottawa's design professionals!

We use advanced laser technology and the latest software to provide accurate and precise architectural drawings you can rely on. From conception to completion, our drawings provide the foundation of every successful project, ensuring accuracy and precision in all aspects of your design process.

Save time, increase profit, and confidently bring your project vision to life with our expert drafting services!

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Who Are Our Architectural Drawings For?

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What Do We Offer?

UNIQ Dimensions provides comprehensive drafting services that can be tailored to any project. Our services focus on three primary areas.

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Service One

Architectural As-Built

We specialize in recording and measuring all actual layout variations of existing buildings to generate as-built floor plans. Whether you want to verify your lease space, plan architectural changes or secure building permits, our Ottawa architectural as-built drawing service will provide you or with the accurate floor plans you need.

Receive dimensionally accurate CAD/BIM files, high-resolution PDF files, area analysis documentation, and project photos in 5-7 business days.

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Service Two

3D Laser Scanning

Using LiDAR, we quickly, thoroughly, and accurately collect large amounts of on-site data in the most cost-efficient manner for all types of properties and existing infrastructure. Our trained team will precisely and truthfully map out and represent any building or structure with mm accuracy.

Receive extremely precise point cloud files, scan to BIM, and scan to CAD files in 5-7 business days.

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Service Three

Building Area Analysis

Focused on real estate transactions, our building area analysis service provides the latest and most precise floor plans for your property, ensuring spaces are accurately represented and priced accordingly.

Receive detailed square footage plans, accurate and reliable floor plans, usable square footage calculations, and lease plans for your surveyed buildings in 5-7 business days.

“UNIQ Dimensions’ service is professional, and it's been a major time saver for us. Highly recommend it for any designers looking to save time creating existing layouts. Great service!”

- Luca Penzo, Urban Blueprint Developments

What Properties Do We Work With?

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Houses, Apartments and Condominiums

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Warehouses, Distribution Centres and Factories

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Restaurants, Retail Stores and Office Spaces

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Heritage Properties, Lofts and Converted Buildings

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Our Ottawa Drafting Services Process

We undertake the following process to ensure efficient, cost-effective, and accurate delivery of your project drawings.

Step One


The familiarization with a given project includes inquiring about building density, design, and accessibility to allow for the estimation of time for completion and cost of the required drafting services.

Step Two

Site Visit

Our team will complete our professional measurements during our site visit. Measurements are primarily taken from the inside and complemented with outside measurements. Full access must be given to ensure the completion of accurate drawings.

Step Three


Our drafting services are completed after the site visit. Any labels, detailing, and other special requests are added. Any industry standards will be applied if necessary. Lastly, AutoCAD and BIM files are finalized.

Step Four


All technical and electronic documents defined in the project's scope of work are reviewed. All requested documents are finalized and provided to the client in their desired format.

Why Us?

Why our customers have trusted us with 1,500+ projects.

Investment in Technology

Service delivery is only as good as the technology used. That’s why we invest in the latest laser technology and software to ensure you receive the most accurate and precise design services possible.

Commitment to Excellence

Our small size allows us to pay close attention to your unique needs. Together, we work as one dedicated team, giving your project drawings the attention and commitment to excellence they deserve.

Responsive Communication

We know how important timelines are. The last thing we want to do is delay your progress. As such, maintaining open and responsive communication channels is a pillar of our customer satisfaction.

“Uniq Dimensions Inc. provides a great drafting service. The quoting, site visit, drafting and delivery are proficient and professional. The prices are very fair, and they deliver on a timely basis. I will continue to use them on all my jobs.”

- Sandi Smith, Sandra F. Smith Architects

Frequently Asked Questions

How accurate are your measurements?

We guarantee at least a 98% accuracy rate for all our projects.

Are the measurements insured?

Yes, all of our measurements are insured, removing any liability risk.

Which areas do you serve?

We provide as-built drawings to clients throughout Ottawa for residential, industrial, commercial, and heritage-focused projects.

Do you offer Building Information Modeling (BIM) services?

Yes, we do!

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