Architectural As-Built

UNIQ Dimensions specializes in using advanced laser technology and the latest supported software to record and measure all actual layout variations of existing buildings to generate as-built floor plans.

With construction drawings failing to accurately display given structures, and with consistent renovations occurring, they are becoming obsolete. Therefore, our as-built floor plans are replacing older construction drawings to meet the current industry standard.

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an illustrated 2D elevation section of an industrial building.

Our site technicians are well trained and versed professionals who use the most advanced measuring technology, combined with a Mobile CAD system, to access every corner of your existing structure. This technique allows for minimal to no disruption for your clients and quickly produces highly accurate floor plans of existing conditions that are detailed and tailored to your needs.

This cost-effect services is beneficial for architects, engineers, developers, construction consultants, property owners, facility managers, real-estate professionals, space planners, interior designers, or anyone that would like to verify their lease space size.

This Service Includes

CAD/BIM DrawingsDimensionally accurate Revit, AutoCAD or other as-built floor plans for design and construction.

PDF Floor PlansHigh-resolution, black & white floor plans for everyday viewing, sharing and printing.

Area Analysis ChartsArea Analysis documentation including area charts and corresponding schematics.

Project Photos
High quality JPEG photographs for easy reference.

Add-On Services

  1. Exterior Detailed Elevations
  2. Reflected Ceiling Plans
  3. Converting PDF/Paper Copies to CAD/BIM Files
  4. Electrical/HVAC Plans
  1. Site Plans
  2. Roof Plans
  3. Equipment & Furniture Layout Plans
  4. Fire Safety & Evacuation Plans