Success Story

Large Residential Portfolio

People Design Cooperative x Circle Community Land Trust

Using mobile laser scanning to efficiently measure 100+ residential properties.

People Design Cooperative x Circle Community Land Trust

Property Information
100+ residential properties
200,000+ sq. ft.
Locations across Toronto

the front entrance to the three story commercial building.

The Problem

Circle Community Land Trust acquired a handful of properties for their portfolio, some of which did not have any documentation but needed renovations. People Design Cooperative needed the as-built drawings to kick off their scope of work and permit drawings. There were too many properties to do in-house, and it would take a very long time to complete, so they contacted UNIQ to provide all the scanning and as-built drawings required.

the back view of the three story commercial building.
a second back view of the three story commercial building with parked vehicles in the adjacent parking lot.

The Solution

We were able to use mobile laser scanning technology to measure 10 properties a day, coordinating carefully with all the parties involved and current tenants. Scanning allowed us to quickly capture all the data we required without being in the tenants' homes for a long period of time.

The Outcome

We provided Revit files for all the properties (scan to bim), allowing People Design Cooperative to analyze the existing condition, make recommendations, and apply for permit drawings for renovations.


We have measured 100+ properties with Uniq Dimensions. They have always been professional, easy to coordinate with, and deliver excellent service! We'll be using them again in the future.