Build Your Foundation: The Advantages of As-Built Floor Plans

September 26, 2023
Build Your Foundation: The Advantages of As-Built Floor Plans

Every new structure must start with a strong and reliable foundation, and as-built drawings allow for exactly that (plus several other things). This article provides an explanation of the importance of as-built floor plans in the architectural, interior design, developing, and engineering industries. At UNIQ Dimensions, we believe a strong base always lead to the strongest project.

Source: UNIQ Dimensions: Innovative Architectural Drafting Services.

Now, we all know that construction projects rarely proceed according to plan. Before you know it, dozens of adjustments have been made, with no reliable method to record every single one of them. That’s where as-built drawings come in. However, with novel, innovative digital solutions, incredibly precise as-built sketches can be generated to minimize any future errors and reasons for renovation.

What are as-built drawings?

As-built drawings are sketches of properties and structures as they currently are, with any modifications, field changes, design changes, and original drawings usually included. They are incredibly effective because they demonstrate how the final construction of a site was actually executed, compared to original proposed designs.

These sketches are fresh and up-to-date, making them reliable and usable starting points for remodelling, revision, design, and other projects. As-built plans capture a variety of vivid details in an astonishingly accurate manner, accounting for size, location, dimension, walls, door locations, HVAC systems, electrical systems, and other features.

How are as-built sketches created?

Our as-built sketches are generated with advanced 3D laser scanning technology that records and measures every nook and cranny of existing structures to generate realistic, accurate, and precise results. Our as-built drawings don’t just meet industry standards, but go above and beyond with impressive precision and detail.

What are the advantages of as-built floor plans?

As-built floor plans provide an honest and realistic depictions of structures, rather than the initial design or proposed conditions. This results in an accurate knowledge transfer across design, construction, and architectural departments. Clients also have an accurate idea of what the end result of the project might be, as our drawings remove any confusion or uncertainty regarding the changes and adjustments made in the initial drawing and design stages.

Our advanced measurement technologies, as well as the Mobile CAD system, create a comprehensive floor plan by examining and reaching every corner and detail of an existing structure. These technologies offer minimal to no disruption for clients and no harm or wear to existing structures, while still guaranteeing the capture of all necessary information to produce detailed and personalized as-built floor plans.

On top of contributing to workplace safety and emergency preparedness, as-built floor plans are incredibly cost- and time-effective for any project. As a result of their consideration of all the details and aspects of a site, they ensure that future projects are planned carefully and are completed in an efficient and timely manner.

Whether you are an architect, engineer, developer, construction consultant, property owner, facility manager, real estate professional, or interior designer, our as-built floor plans will change the future of your project.

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