3 Things You Need to Know About As-Built Drawings

January 4, 2024
3 Things You Need to Know About As-Built Drawings

A picture is worth a thousand words, and As-Built drawings are no different. While As-Built drawings might be realistic blueprints of how a facility was built, they are the key to receiving a building permit. What about these detailed sketches make them so integral to the permit application process, and what cutting-edge does UNIQ Dimensions offer to these sketches?

Source: UNIQ Dimensions: Transformative Architectural Drafting Services

What are ‘As-Built’ drawings?

As-Built drawings allow for an adequate comparison between the design specifications for a building or facility and how it was built. This compare-and-contrast visualization brings out the differences that developers, designers, architects, and construction managers need to be aware of when renovating or redesigning any aspect of an existing facility. As-Built drawings map out all the adjustments and specifications made throughout the construction process and demonstrate a facility's exact measurements, locations, and dimensions.

What makes ‘As-Built’ drawings so important?

As-Builts are required for any construction project that requires a history or legacy of the construction of a building or facility. This is especially important for the permit process, land ownership, renovations, public works, and the transition of employees and managers throughout the building process. As-Builts provide reference points for any changes, adjustments, or replacements that need to occur on the property. These are just a couple of reasons why 'As-Builts' can be integral for building permits:

  • They streamline the hiring process. As-Built drawings record the various changes and specifications made during the building process and help any new employees get on the same page right away.
  • Good ‘As-Built’ drawings land permits. Government agencies request 'As-Builts' to deal out building permits. A well-done, detailed As-Built drawing with all modifications recorded is guaranteed to quicken your permit application process and get you started on your project.
  • They make renovations really easy. As-Builts provides a detailed history and account of all facility modifications, allowing property owners, designers, and architects to know exactly what was built without investing time and resources.

Detailed and reliable As-Builts don’t just benefit property owners or those applying for permits from government agencies. They also make the work of the designers and architects, making the renovations that much easier! High-quality As-Builts result in smooth, seamless, and simple project experiences for all parties involved.

What makes our ‘As-Built’ drawings stand out?

Today, many As-Builts lack the data, documentation, and detail necessary for them to be genuinely reliable and informative enough to receive a building permit. That is where we step in. Quality in As-Built drawings is essential, and our cutting-edge 3D laser scanning technology (which is changing the field of architecture) and Building Information Modelling (BIM) technique create as-built drawings that allow for accurate and detailed visualization of existing facilities and the modifications made.

Our As-Builts are leading in the architectural industry because of our advanced laser technology, which accurately captures and displays every structure in a facility through each stage of the renovation, modification, or construction process. This technique, combined with our mobile CAD system, allows for minimal client disruption and quick production of detailed and accurate floor plans.

With our services, you will never need to worry about discrepancies, miscommunication, or being out of sync at any step of the renovation process again. Apply for permits with confidence and ease, knowing that you have reliable As-Builts up your sleeve.

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