3 Reasons Why Laser Scanning is Changing the Field of Architecture

November 1, 2023
3 Reasons Why Laser Scanning is Changing the Field of Architecture

3D laser scanning is revolutionising the fields of architecture, construction, and design, and you can be a part of it starting today.

This innovative technology utilizes LiDAR (LightDetection and Ranging) to record angles, distances, and spatial relationships in any building or structure with incredible precision, ultimately resulting in detailed pointclouds of the infrastructure. As the laser moves around objects and corners, the scanner captures millions of 3D data points within mere seconds, therefore creating perfect renderings of the space for you to refer to. With its accuracy, speed, and cost-effective properties, 3D laser scanning is a must-have in your toolkit for remodelling, permit application, and architectural design.

3D laser scanning buildings has a variety of benefits over conventional scanning and measurement practices. If you’re tired of spending valuable time revisiting sites or accounting for inaccuracies in measurements, then 3D laser scanning is just what you need!

Prioritising Precision While Cutting Costs

With the rapid speed, comprehensiveness, and versatility that 3D laser scanning offers, you will not only receive accuracy down to the millimetre, but save time while being friendly to your budget! With laser scanning, you can collect large amounts of scan data, record every single detail of any type of structure, and never revisit a site to ensure accurate remodelling or reconstruction again. It’s a win-win!

Furthermore, 3D laser scanning technology allows you to save time and cut down on costs because of reduced HSE risks, less labour hours for accurate surveying, and minimal disruption or closure of structures and facilities. You really can’t go wrong!

Renovation, Remodelling, and Repurposing… Made Easy

3D laser scanning captures large structures and surveys them in an incredibly short period of time, which guarantees speed and flexibility, as millions of data points are generated without you having to lift a finger! Due to the non-contact nature of data capture, 3D laser scanning is also ideal for capturing sensitive environments and as built conditions, such as structures in the heritage and preservation sectors, without any damage, disruption, or change to the area.

The detailed point cloud data also allow for 3D walk-throughs and interactive, 360-degree image viewing for later, so the need to revisit is entirely eliminated. This cutting-edge technology also improves internal communication because different construction, design, and remodelling teams can all refer to the same accurate and detailed drawings, plans, and charts throughout the whole process.

Drawings, Floor Plans, AnalysisCharts, and Photos at Your Fingertips

At UNIQ Dimensions, we offer any type of 3D laser scan that you might need!

Our CAD/BIMDrawings are proven to optimize the renovation, remodelling, and repurposing process by significantly reducing errors in the initial planning and design stages. These accurate and detailed laser scans will give you the confidence and security you need when it comes to your design work. Our CAD/BIM drawings include Revit, AutoCAD, and other as-built floor plans (CAD files).

San-to-BIM and scan-to-CAD models outline every pipe, beam, outlet, and fixture in the structure, allowing you to avoid potential conflict between different architectural selectors, conduct your design work with reassurance, and never experience concerns about costly rework again.

Our PDF floor plans provide high-resolution files in black and white that are optimal for viewing, printing, and sharing for design and remodelling teams, and our area analysis charts are ideal for the planning stages. UNIQ Dimensions’ 3D laser scanning technology also provides high-quality, detailed JPEG images of any structure or property!

If you are ready to save time, cut down on costs, and maximize on accuracy and precision for architectural remodelling and design, then request a free quote here.

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