Success Story

3D Scanning

Hartman Residence

3D Scan to BIM and 3D Scan to CAD Solution

Emily Hartman

Property Information

the back porch and rear entry way into the Hartman Residence house.

The Problem

Emily wanted to do major renovations to her home including an addition to the property. After doing her due diligence, she realized she didn’t have any existing plans of the house.

Without the data, designers and architects are not able to determine the possibilities that are available.

the main entrance and the front yard of the Hartman Residence house.
the front driveway of the Hartman Residence house.

The Solution

After understanding Emily's needs and objectives, we recommended Architectural as Built Drawings using 3D Scanning technology.

In as little as an hour, we were able to capture the exact measurements of Emily's home in 3D. This included Height, Width and Depth.

The Outcome

We were able to provide Emily with As Built Drawings that were available in 2D or 3D. Emily received the drawings one week after the onsite visit. She used the drawings to get different quotes from architect firms and contractors.

By choosing UNIQ Dimensions, Emily was able to save thousands of dollars that she could use towards additional features for her home renovation.


"UNIQ Dimensions team are professional and provide great quick service. We are looking at getting our house renovated as well as adding additions. The drawings, 3D Model and as-built CAD/BIM files are very useful. They are accurate and are helping us deal with architect firms, contractors and getting quotes. They have saved us thousands of dollars already as Architects would have charged us at least 10 times the cost for the same files. Luis is responsive and polite. A quick 1.5 - 2 hour home visit and then received the files within a week. I would highly recommended! We are so pleased to have found UNIQ Dimensions."

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